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Written by Gerry Gudinas on Apr. 29, 2020

Fantastic pictures I think I have a picture of the tree you were sitting in 1967-- I served with A Co 1/12th 1st Cav Div. April 67 till the end of Feb. 68

Written by Doc Kilpatrick on Apr. 29, 2020

If that is Bill Fells, he and I used to make jokes about stating a chapter of the KKIK...the Ku Klux Integrated Klan...

Written by JP on Apr. 7, 2019
If you could add captions, that would be great. Thanks for sharing.

Written by JP on Apr. 7, 2019
If you could add captions, that would be great. Thanks for sharing.

Written by Michael Kilpatrick on Jul. 31, 2016
Hello Dean,

Well you contacted me today. To say the least, I was shocked to hear from you. Once I saw your picture, I do believe i remember you 52 years later.

Correct, I am Armored Vest 3-7/7 and yes, there are two pictures of me...one in the beret and the other, in the scarf and t-shirt...funny my hair looks red but I am pretty sure that is me.

Yes we were in the fire team that walked out of CHARLIE FIVE on November 23, 1966. It also looks like you have pictures of LZ Bird on December 27, 1966.

I will be in contact. I am grateful you called and that you took the time to take these pictures. I wish there were more of them. We were so young then.


Written by fichlie on May. 14, 2016
Thank you for your time, effort and pictures of a story that lives on even today. I am a vet that served same time as you and your comrades, but I did not serve in "Nam. (Navy)
My neighbor has a Petri 7 that he carried there as well, I will share your story with him. May God bless you and your family.

Written by Erin Combs on May. 18, 2015
Thanks for the images, Dean! I have grown up listening to the stories that many of these images really bring home! Some of the best photography I've seen!

Written by Larry Skidmore on Oct. 20, 2014
Welcome Home, Dean and thanks for the pictures.

Written by John Nowling Third Squad, Third Platoon, C1/5 on Jan. 9, 2014
Your Vietnam photographs are truly stunning and amazing. Since discovering them on the internet I have viewed them several times. The scenes of the terrain are beautiful at times. Needless to say they cause me to remember my own time in Vietnam, in these very same places with you, a fellow Third Platoon member. Congratulations on the creation of the site and the fantastic numbers of visitors the site has had. It is very deserving of the attention.

Written by Dan Favreau on Oct. 25, 2013
Great pictures of the men. The pictures of the countryside are beautiful. I applaud you for keeping your glasses, your camera and your sanity through your tour! Thanks for sharing these.


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The soldier on the left is Robert Brazile and the soldier on the right is Jerry shields. I was with them in the 4th platoon.

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"My name is Dang Ha Thuy.
I am a former soldier in Binh Dinh province. I am looking for information about the mass grave of my comrades buried by the US militar

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Fuel bags

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what location is this?